Anonymous asked:

Post a selfiee

Alysha Answer:

Naww just go on may insta

Anonymous asked:

1 5 7 8 12 13 33 34 38 47 55 79

Alysha Answer:

1. Last Kiss- Well fuck idk

5.Last time you cried- tonight 

7.Been cheated on-no

8.Self harmed- yeah…

12.had sex-no

13.How many people have you had sex with this year?- well i just said i haven’t so…

33.When is the last time you had sex?-seems like you’re really infatuated with sex

34.Who’s getting on your nerves right now- you with all your questions about sex

38.Relationship Status-single

47.Do you have a crush on someone-no i don’t 

55.First hookup- idk

79.Had sex- who asks the same question twice?